Effective Office Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Posted by National Paper Systems.com on 11th Sep 2015

When visitors and customers step into your office, store, or institution, you want them to pay attention to the services or products you provide and not on the carpet under their feet. A carpet with stains, odor, smudges, or dirt marks will attract their attention, and this is certainly not the first impression anyone wants to create. Whether you are the owner of a company or in charge of making decisions, you want a workforce that is happy, efficient, and healthy. Taking care of your office carpets means you are investing in the organization, employee's health, well-being, and performance, by creating a clean, pleasant, and hygienic environment. A well-cleaned office carpet enhances the overall professional image creating an impression of high standards.

The carpet in your office or business area should be cleaned adequately to prevent dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other allergens from building up. Commercial carpet cleaning can be easy and fast or time consuming, depending on the type of carpet and the cleaning required. You can get your carpet properly cleaned in just a few minutes and in a less troublesome way by hiring professionals and ensuring they use the right equipment and products. Basic cleaning or vacuum will help remove the dirt and dust, but is not enough for commercial carpets. Such carpets require deep cleaning to remove stains, eliminate odors, and lift all dirt, and allergens out of the carpet.

There are many janitorial supplies and equipment available for all carpet care methods including bonnet/absorbent pad, dry foam, encapsulation, and hot water extraction to help you keep your carpet looking its best. Obtain proper carpet cleaning solutions to help remove and wash off the dirt. Unwanted spots and stains on a commercial carpet require extra attention. There is a variety of carpet spot removers available in the market. Blotting and dilution of the stain is a common way of removing stains from carpets. However, this can be time-consuming especially if the carpet occupies a large area. For such areas, machines such as wet vacuums will work well in dirt and stain removal.

Carpet brushes are essential in carpet cleaning and care, to help rejuvenate the appearances of the carpets. These brushes can be manually attached to a machine, to make their use more convenient and time efficient. A basic broom and dust pan can be used in between vacuuming to help clean out large materials off the carpet. Commercial places see plenty of action and much traffic and thus carpet odor is sometimes inevitable. Carpet deodorizers will help provide instant relief from odors, and get a fresh and clean scent on your office carpet.

Investing in a good air dryer to be used for drying the carpets fast and efficiently is also important since it is not year round that the sun is bright. Also, drying the carpet fast, prevents dust particles in the air from sticking on the wet carpet. A carpet protector can be applied after cleaning, to help the carpet, partitions and furniture to resist dirt, dust, spills as well as daily wear and tear. Carpet protectors prevent pesky static build up, thus extending the life of the carpet, prevents unpleasant odors, and keeps the carpet cleaner for long.

With the right carpet cleaning service, products, and equipment, you can be confident that the carpet in your office will be cleaned properly. Always buy your janitorial supplies from a trusted supplier to ensure they are safe and efficient. Effective commercial carpet cleaning provides proper hygiene, improves indoor quality, revives the beauty of the carpets, and also increases their durability and longevity. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your office carpets will save you the hassle and money of having to replace them often.