ZPEZUNEUT128 | Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Pleasant Scent, 1 gal Bottle


Product Overview

Restore shine to floors while removing dirt, grime and grease. This multi-surface cleaner works great on a variety of surfaces. Application: Interior Floors; Exterior Composite Decking; Applicable Material: Interior Vinyl Floors; Asphalt Tile; Rubber; Sealed Concrete; Marble; Granite; Natural Stone; Trex Exterior Composite Decking; Chemical Compound: Dipropylene Glycol N-Propyl Ether; 2-propanol; 1-(1-methyl-2-propoxyethoxy); Alkyl(c9-11) Alcohol; Ethoxylated; Dirt Types: Dander; Debris; Dust; Pollen; Soil.