UNGNN90 | Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 36", Black/Green

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Product Overview

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 36", Black/Green Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm with Claw is so handy, you'll wonder how you ever managed with out it. Especially useful to the elderly or less able the 36 inch reach allows retrieval of items that might otherwise be out of reach Now you can get them yourself without having to ask for assistance or risk injury to yourself. Its gear driven claws operate easily simply by gently squeezing the handle. Safely pick up bottles, and jars or even items from the floor to save bending down. It has amazing gripping power. The molded fingers can even cope with small objects like a dropped pen, keys, an item of clothing, a book... It's all within your grasp. As well as bringing things closer to you, it is equally good at keeping things further away. Why not use it as a litter picker to perform safe clearance without contaminating your hands? It will easily pick up dropped cigarette butts and other unwanted detritus keeping it further from your nose! The Nifty Nabber extension arm with claw is so useful you'll want more than one. Hurry, order now.