RCP7580-88YEL | Rubbermaid Commercial Wavebrake 35-Quart Bucket/Wringer Combinations, Yellow RCP7580-88YEL

RCP 7580-88 YEL

Product Overview

Have a mess you need to clean up in a jiff? Check out this convenient and easy to use Rubbermaid Commercial Wavebrake 35 Quart Bucket/Wringer Combination on wheels. Whether you have a quick mess or need to mop a large surface area after hours, this Rubbermaid bucket and wringer is the perfect piece of plastic for the job. Just toss your mop in the wringer and attach it to the handle for easy transport without any damage concerns and then toss it on the floor and start mopping! The wringer can be used for every 50,000 cycles and the web molded plastic is strong enough to withstand any type of pressure. Slim the hassle from your cleanup and head over to National Paper Systems.com today for this handy tool.