RCP1863895 | Rubbermaid Commercial Pulse Executive Double-Sided Microfiber Flat Mop Head, Includes 12 mop heads.

RCP 1863895

Product Overview

Double-sided microfiber mop combines the best features of microfiber mops and string mops. Bleach-safe. Clean floors 20% quicker than a traditional string mop. Leaves behind a streak-free clean. Superior germ-removing microfiber is proven to remove 99.9% of microbes. 
  • ADVANCED HOOK-AND-LOOP BACKING holds-up use after use as well as under the harsh daily laundering conditions to ensure the pads are securely attached.
  • BLEACH-SAFE and durable to withstand hundreds of launderings without compromising performance.
  • COLOR CODED TABS help reduce cross contamination by differentiating areas of use throughout a property.
  • DOUBLE FINISHED EDGES retains mop shape with use over time.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE MICROFIBER is dense with 3 - 5 micrometer quality fiber to removes more dust, dirt and microbes than conventional cleaning products.
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING PERFORMANCE that is proven to clean floors 45% better than string mops and 25% better than conventional microfiber.
  • SUPERIOR GERM-REMOVING MICROFIBER is proven to remove 99.9% of microbes to provide a safer, cleaner environment for guests and employees.
  • ZIG-ZAG DESIGN packs 17% more split microfiber into each mop.
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION and premium grade materials maximize durability and product life.
  • DURABLE through 500 launderings, 200 with bleach
Includes 12 mop heads.