PNL523 | Pitt Plastics Linear Low Density Can Liners, 38 x 58, Black, 100/Case

PNL 523

Product Overview

Pitt’s plastic low density trash can liners offer protection to medical and construction industry workers. The liners are lighter, stronger and more durable than standard trash can liners. These low density high performance liners are made from quality resin material that is resistant to stretching, punctures, tears and rips. The liners come in basic black, which makes them the idea choice for hospitals isolation units, and construction clean-up sites. Each bag contains a star seal bottom that prevents sharp, jaggered edge objects from cutting through the liners from the inside. The liners are interleaved, which makes them easy to dispense. Includes 100 bags. Mfr#: RPS6631XK Brand: Pitt Plastics Category:Repro Trash Bags