Eliminating Workplace Odors

Posted by National Paper Systems.com on 10th Sep 2015

Whether you run a small fast food restaurant, an office or a small business, one of your first priorities besides making a profit is to provide a professional, clean environment for your customers and employees. If you've noticed a lack of repeat business, a higher than normal turnover rate of employees and an odd odor in your office or business, you may have a cleaning problem.

Bad odors coming out of an office or restaurant not only turn off customers, but they may make employees sick as well. If you've got odor problems in the workplace, consider these tips for removing odors and cleaning.

To resolve odor problems, you should first find and remove the source of odors. The most common sources of bad odors are restrooms, break rooms and ventilation systems.

Next, you should re-evaluate the cleaning schedule and cleaning methods. Lastly, consider purchasing strong commercial products designed to clean the toughest dirt and grime in small businesses.


There is no doubt that dirty restrooms are a constant source of bad odors, mold and bacteria. To keep restrooms clean, toilets, urinals, sinks, countertops, soap dispensers, drying machines and mirrors should be cleaned daily using effective commercial cleaners. Deep cleaning should be performed weekly on floors, walls and light fixtures to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

To kill bacteria and mold, you should use products that disinfect, clean and sanitize to kill bacteria and eliminate odors on grout and bathroom surfaces.

Break rooms and restrooms frequently have nasty odors emanating from the drains. Food particles, debris and hair become trapped in the drains creating a breeding ground for bacteria and smelly gases.

To resolve bacteria issues in the drains, you can purchase an enzyme cleaner that is poured into the drain, which eats the bacteria and eliminates the source of the odor.


Breakrooms are frequently the cause of obnoxious odors mainly caused by a lack of cleanliness. Typically, employees at small businesses make good use of breakrooms to fix a quick snack or heat up lunch. However, there are usually no arrangements for daily or weekly cleaning procedures.

Spilled food on stoves, dirty sinks and old lunches left to rot in the refrigerator can create some very nasty smells quickly. It is a good idea to hire a janitor or cleaning service to keep the breakroom tidy and clean to prevent the growth of bacteria and bad odors.

Ventilation Systems

Cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems may be overlooked, which can affect the air quality throughout an office or small business. Be sure to see that air filters are changed on a regular basis and consider odor control products to keep the air fresh and clean.

Cleaning Maintenance

Undoubtedly, the best way to get rid of odors in the office or your small business is to clean. Dirty break rooms, moldy carpeting or restrooms that aren't maintained and cleaned properly will all create a variety of smells that pollute the air.

The best way to keep your workplace smelling and looking clean is to devise a cleaning schedule. Establishing a cleaning schedule or hire a cleaning service, which should resolve most workplace odors.

Employees and customers deserve a clean, healthy environment to work in or shop. Workplace odors are not only offensive and unhealthy, but they could cost your reputation, money or customer loyalty.