3 of the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Carpet

Posted by National Paper Systems.com on 11th Sep 2015

You have just bought a brand new carpet and it adds more character to the room. Just what you wanted. But how do you take care of your carpet to ensure that it remains the same way you bought it? No need to worry anymore about maintaining your image before your valuable clients. You'll get to know some of the best ways to look after your carpet and what you would need to do that.

You would find that a lot of carpets are made out of 85 percent nylon and the rest would probably be wool. This is good news since nylon is more stain resistant than wool but the advantage of having wool in the carpet is that it wears much better.

It's best to have the following ways in mind when you come to cleaning your carpet.

  1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner.

This is probably the most common method used to cleaning the carpet. It could be because vacuuming should be done on a regular basis. If possible, you could vacuum on a daily basis.

Different carpets should be vacuumed in different ways. Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a suction head only. This is because beater bars may get hold of the fibers and end up giving the carpet a hairy look. This will damage its beautiful looks. Otherwise using a beater bar or brush head would make cleaning better.

Ensure not to rush the process so that the vacuum cleaner can get hold of all the dirt in the tufts and areas that attract a lot of human traffic like hallways or the stairs.

  1. Spot and Spill Removal.

In case you spill your drink on the carpet, you need to act immediately. This is for the simple reason that the longer the spill lays there without being cleaned, the harder it gets to remove the stain.

One mistake that a lot of people make when cleaning a spill is rubbing against the carpet. This only tends to twist and fray your carpet. You should instead blot the surface. While blotting it would be useful to use products such as Misty Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot Remover, Misty Solvent Spot Remover or the Dymon Eliminator Carpet Spot and Stain Remover. All these products are available here.

Before you apply any of the products, you should remove any solids that could have spilled on the carpet to avoid smearing them all over the carpet. Adding a little water to the stain as you blot that area will help ease and clean the stain much better and faster.

There are stubborn stains that may persist even after blotting, although this is rare with our products, you should moisten the turfs in the stained area with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and leave it alone for an hour. Afterwards, blot once again.

  1. Hot Water Extraction

This is the best carpet cleaning method that you could ever use to ensure that you keep you carpet looking brand new. It's also referred to as 'steam cleaning' although some say that the difference between the two exist mainly in the temperature of the hot water used. Majority of carpet manufacturers actually advocate for this type of cleaning.

How it works is really simple, the process combines high water pressure for agitation and the hot water used to rapidly increase the reaction rate. Just how hot is the solution being used? It would be between 50 and 120 degree Celsius. This helps loosen up the dirt, grime and soil.